Kitchen features

  • Non-skid and ceramic floor tiling, washable paint on walls and ceilings;
  • The kitchens feature connections ready for household appliance installation (connections for gas, water, electricity, sewage, ventilation);
  • Hot water is produced by the apartment heating boiler supplied with natural gas from the public system;
  • The exterior wall is fitted for the installation of exhaust hood ducting;
  • 230V outlets with earthing for household appliances;

Bathroom features

  • High quality non-skid ceramic floor and wall tiling;
  • Bathrooms fully fitted with sanitaryware and accessories (washbasin, toilet bowl, bathtub and shower cabin);
  • Ceramic sanitaryware, wall-mounted toilet bowl with concealed cistern and chrome-plated push plate;
  • Bathrooms are fitted with watertight outlets with earthing and pre-installed lighting system for light fixtures;

Interior features

Interior finishes

  • 7mm thick laminate flooring, in rooms and hallways;
  • High quality non-skid ceramic floor tiling in bathrooms and kitchens;
  • Finishing plaster, white washable paint and high quality wall tiling;
  • Finishing plaster, white washable paint on the ceiling;
  • Soundproofing under the floor with polystyrene


  • Five-chamber PVC exterior joinery and insulating glazing with LowE on the inside.
  • The entrance doors of the apartments are made of metal with wood-like PVC finish, metal frame, and multi-point locking system.
  • The interior doors of the apartments are white multi-chamber doors with magnetic closing system.


  • Apartments are fitted with underfloor heating system connected to the heating boiler of each apartment and provided with individual thermostats, ensuring thus energy independence and the desired temperatures in each apartment. The main advantage of the underfloor heating system is the low cost of heating in the cold season due to thermal efficiency.
  • The underfloor heating system is supplied with heat carrier (hot water) at 35 - 45°C. The heat carrier and domestic hot water are supplied by the wall-mounted heating boiler that is usually located in the kitchen, supplied with natural gas and has the following advantages: small-sized, easy maintenance, high reliability and safe operation.
  • Each boiler is fitted with automatic natural gas and carbon monoxide leak detection and protection systems consisting of gas detectors and manual resetting gas solenoid valve located at the output of each meter.

Common spaces


  • Large entrance hall with modern design arranged by highly experienced professionals, where the mail boxes and the entrance videointercom are located.


  • Individual gas, water and electricity metering.


  • Lighting system for the common spaces with timer and sensor.

Quality of the Construction

Structure and Walls

  • Jointless reinforced concrete foundations;
  • Superstructure: systems of structural reinforced concrete diaphragm-type walls, reinforced concrete flanges and reinforced concrete floors;
  • External closures: reinforced concrete and brick masonry structural walls;
  • Facade thermal system: 10 and 15 cm expanded polystyrene, colour and white mineral decorating plaster, Klinker-type brick covering;
  • The apartments are partitioned by 12.5 cm thick double-layer drywalls and mineral wool on zinc-plated metal framing;
  • The support structure has an earthquake-proof design in compliance with the legal provisions;

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